Mr. Plump

I held an adorable little prickly ball of antisocial behavior in my hands today. And I fell so deeply in love I can’t even begin to handle it. And when he finally stopped hissing at me and rooting at my fingers with his little quivering nose, I thought I would burst. I also got told I’d be a good mom because of the soothing, scolding nonsense words I was using non-stop as a calming technique.

I’m totally in love.

Close Up

I may be an incorrigible, child-like nerd, but let me just say: life is way more cool and amusing as a nerd.

Today,  I got to see starfish embryos. Yes, I couldn’t distinguish much about them except for their size and that the single cells had a nucleus. But I got to see the clusters as they changed from one cells, to two cells, up to little masses of sixteen. I was grinning like a fool the whole time.

I also discovered that the caps of acorns are fuzzy. And that leaves are even prettier when seen at very high magnitudes.


I also discovered that rubbing Breathe by doTERRA on my neck and chest before running prevents my asthma from killing me. Which was pretty nice, since my legs were trying to corner the murder market anyway. The only bad part is that I now have one less excuse to keep me from running.


My P. O. Box was empty again today. If only someone would write me…*cough, cough*. Of course, if I actually started sending OUT letters, I might get some back, but why be logical? I mean really.

And since Tuesdays are obnoxiously long days and I am effectively done in all senses of the word, I am going to retire.


Lyrics I Love: A Little Late

In the beginning
Into the darkness
The Spirit’s moving upon the water
You spoke the words:
Out of the chaos
Came the promise
The universe rose and applauded
When You commanded
The new born sun to rise

You are the Day Spring
You are the Morning Star
Creation’s splendor speaks of who You are
You are Salvation
You are the Joy of the Earth
Restoration comes
Hope of the broken world

Into my weakness
Into my darkness
Your Spirit’s moving upon my heart and
You speak the words: “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”
Into my chaos
Comes Your promise
The new is rising the old is past on
You are reviving and making all things right

You are the Day Spring
You are the Morning Star
Creation’s splendor speaks of who You are
You are Salvation
You are the Joy of the Earth
Restoration comes
Hope of the broken world


You are the Day Spring
You are the Morning Star
Creation’s splendor speaks of who You are
You are Salvation
You are the Joy of the Earth
Restoration comes
Hope of the broken world

Restoration comes
Hope of the broken world!

And then we sang I Have a Shelter in the Storm. Which always makes me bawl.

That is all.

What Happens At Mustang Induction…

Tends to be spread all over Facebook and this blog.


1. Being an officer and getting your head and face decorated with Ready Whip for freshmen to judge. Literally judge. I won, FYI.

2. Playing “Drip, Drip, Splash”, which is an infinitely more fascinating and freezing alternative to Duck, Duck, Goose. It also helps remove some of the excess Ready Whip.

3. Eating food. Pizza Dip and cookies, primarily.

4. Playing Full Body Rock, Paper, Scissors. And successfully heading off an argument about whether Superman could really beat Batman, and isn’t Wolverine better than both of them, not just Superman? Not to mention the epic debate concerning Marvel vs. DC. And yes, that was actually an issue for one society meeting.

5. Playing Ninja with 20 people. And ending up on the ground at least 3 times. I’m still not sure how that happened.

6. Getting the area so nice and clean that you got signed off before any other society. And caught your superiors off-guard with your efficiency.

7. Being closest to the dorms so you could wash off remaining Ready Whip in the showers before every other girl on campus got back.

8. Still smelling like Ready Whip two hours later.


My society is the best.

Rushing Through School

Rush is officially over.

Rush is the time that the entire college campus tries to persuade all of the incoming freshmen to join their individual societies. It is a time of bloodshed and terror, fun, food and games.

I’m partially relieved, partially too tired to care.  About two hours before Rush was slated to start, a cataclysmic thunderstorm broke free, destroying our tent and throwing much of the prepared Rush groups into chaos. Thank God, the flooding finally stopped, and our bro society had a tent we could borrow. Regardless, the field was sopping wet, and there were deceptively deep puddles in strategic land mines all over the field.

Imagine 400 freshman in about 150 square feet, with a bunch of rowdy, excited upperclassmen trying to get those freshmen to join THEIR SOCIETY RIGHT THEN AND HERE’S FOOD AND CHEER AND THROW STUFF AND RUN AROUND AND FOOD AND HI JOIN US WE’RE THE….

You get the idea.

We talked to a lot of girls, many of whom seemed genuinely interested in us. I also “rushed” two guys for our brother society, so that was a new twist on things.

I had a great time. I’m exhausted. I finally got all the grass shavings off my legs and the “Made in Mexico” sticker out of my hair. Didn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression in regards to my origin. Ya know.

So good night, all. Sleep well and Happy Rushing.

Working It

Unicorn and I are faithfully and persistently working out, even though it is only the first week. Monday, we were flooded by little Bruins, which was actually quite terrifying. We were quietly pedaling along, minding our own business, when suddenly, we were engulfed by a great host, all in blue and chattering wildly and getting on every available machine while talking at every other cute tan little Bruin in blue.

Unicorn and I were appalled.

Tonight, there was the regular horde of hopeful back-to-school devotees. Like the breakfast crowd, this number slowly dwindles throughout the school year. Although sad for the death of their resolve, I selfishly await the day when I can pant and sweat in relative privacy.

On a lighter (heavier? More buff?) note, Unicorn and I are well on our way to being able to bench our boyfriends by the end of the school year.

Now to find a boyfriend.

Mr. Plump

It’s official.


I am in desperate need of a hedgehog in my life.


I was officially introduce to Mr. Plump today of the Science Building and when he hissed at the teacher, my heart swelled. Not because I dislike the teacher. But when someone rudely awakens me to show off to strangers, that is how I react. Hedgehogs are more my soul animal than a cat is.



What Have I Done

It’s now at the point where I am questioning the wisdom in doing college. The syllabi are closing in. As are all the leadership meetings that are helping me avoid doing homework. And by that I do mean: giving me an anxiety attack over the fact I have 3 quizzes, 4 reading assignments and an hour to do it all in, because I have three different meetings to go to after school.

Which is why I’m writing a blog. Time management, people. It’s important.

Let the Games Begin

First day of classes.

Three classes. Chapel. Lunch. Class. Work. Dinner. Workout. Homework. Discipleship (nee Prayer) Group.


It’s so cute and short when condensed like that. I’m thrilled about a few classes (ABNORMAL PSYCH! WOOP!), petrified over others (*cough, cough* Chemistry *cough*). My roommates are wonderful and I’m adapting to the new (or actually really old) room setup. Except that A/C is cranky. I am not okay with that. Thankfully, Maintenance has been notified and will hopefully be to our rescue.


All week, it has continued to get hotter, and muggier. There are few things that feel nastier than sweating through a slip. Yes. I realize none of you needed to know that BUT that’s what you get when it’s in the upper 90s and you still have to look presentable.


Today, on my way to IT, I got in a strange man’s car to catch a ride to work only to discover it was my boss. IT people got out of the car, told me it was headed back to the Press and I believed them. I was like, “Sweet”, jumped in, and turned to introduce myself and was like, “OH. I know you. And oh, dear heavenly mercy, I just got in a car even though I didn’t know who was driving. My mom would be so proud.” Luckily for us all, my boss is not an axe murderer.

Turns out the mugginess that has been building was due to a massive storm front that effectively flooded campus. It was raining so hard you were completely soaked just dashing the 20 feet between dorms.

My asthma hates me for trying to work out. It protested about five seconds into my ellipitical routine. I was not amused. BUT, Unicorn and I were able to start at 70 lbs benching tonight, so maybe there is hope after all.


My hair smells nice.


Yep. That’s it.

Happy Wednesday, everybody.