Prosaic Prattlings

I write to you with fingers that work, a nose that doesn’t and one bleared eye peering from beneath a swollen lid. An adequate representation of my visage would be the cartoon character Quasimodo from Notre Dame.
In other words, “attractive” is my middle name.

I am brooding over a cup of warm, honeyed tea, having recently finished “translating” parts of 1 John. I use the quotation marks with much purposefulness. When translating, I find the kernel of the sentence: main verb and subject. I start extrapolating from that data, pinning down prepositional phrases, direct objects, adjectives, participles…It is all masterfully mapped out and then I start the monumental task of converting to English.
Except most of the time, my English versions of the text sound like some illiterate drunk who knows not Greek nor English.

I sigh.

The ever deepening pile of kleenex by chair is not actually kleenex, but bits of thin, transparent, and oh so delicately scratchy toilet paper that I removed from our joint bathroom. It is more economically sound than real nose tissue at this point.

I received two thank you notes concerning Risk today. One was from the producers (the dolls. I love them), but the other is from a woman I’m not sure I’ve heard of and whose name I can’t quite read. It merely said that I added to the charm of the performance.
I was touched.

It rained today. Hopefully, that will help cleanse the earth of this vile pollen plague and my eye and sinuses will resume their regular size and shape.
Until then, fair dreams to you, citizens.

Pollen Sunday

I am having a mildly heretical moment and wish to rewrite a hymn:
Like a river glorious
Runs my blessed nose…
Over all victorious
Is my Claritin D.

Okay. I’m done now. Yes, I’ve had a lot of medication today.

Today, I also made my own neti pot out of a paper cup. Nothing like red-neck jury-rigging. For those of you who are not wise to the ways of netifying, I shall briefly and delicately describe the process. Generally, the neti pot is a small, teapot-shaped receptacle filled with warm salt water. Inserting the spout in one nostril, one angles one’s head to channel the flow of water through the sinuses and out the other nostril. This keeps one safe from sinus infections and helps release congestion.
It also feels like snorting hot ocean up your nose.

Anyhoo, I’m pretending to myself that it helped matters as I inhale gallons of eucalyptus oil.

I cannot wait for the golden dust that is blessing us all to just go. Away.
For all eternity.
This stuff makes me forget how much I love trees.

OCP is Coming for Me

I need to trim my fingernails.
Because you needed to know that.

Dad and O came to my morning classes with me, and my sister did just about as well on a test as I did. I realize that she’s a theatre genius, but really. Really. That’s just a little ridiculous.
We all managed to stay awake in chapel for a very good message.

Dad and my Modern Cults teacher nearly started playing “The Game” before class. “The Game”, for those of you who don’t know, is where two people who have never met before settle into discussion about hometowns and relatives and, if they play properly, eventually find out exactly how they are related to each other. It’s a southern thing. Dad and Mr. Eaves only got as far as the home town level, but they had a pretty good round of it. Dad doesn’t seem to think the odds of winning The Game were very high in this case, but I think if they had worked at it long enough, we might be related to Mrs. Eaves, at least.

After that, Dad and O went home to lunch, and I continued with my last three classes of the day. Then speech rehearsal. That went remarkably smoothly somehow. I was shocked. Even with not being able to be in the proper classroom or even building, and having to figure out computers and projectors and seating arrangements…We managed to get the speech DONE and also sounding pretty good.

And now that I’ve spent over an hour formatting the formidable book which is our collective outline and bibliography (gosh, that makes it sound so tame…), I think it’s time for bed.

Goodnight, Greenville.

1 John and Flooding

Like the thousands of my predecessors in Greek, I have now commenced my translation of 1 John. Honestly, I’m thrilled. And on the one hand, all I can think is “I don’t understand any of this” and on the other, “Oh. Got it. This makes perfect sense”. Apparently, my bipolarity is as healthy as ever.

Last night, Mom told me that there was a high chance of rain today. I wasn’t overly worried, since, SURPRISE, it’s Greenville: it’s rains all the time. She told me to take an umbrella, and was worried I didn’t have one with me. I poo-pooed her fears, considering the fact that I run to classes in the rain all the time.
Luckily for me, she ignored my objections.

This morning, when I stepped outside, it was as if the second Flood was upon us. I was mighty thankful for that umbrella. I’ve seen it rain like that here MAYBE three times in my entire BJU career. Leave to my mom to always be right. You’d think I’d be used to that by now.
She’s amazing.

I love her very much. As I sit here, writing this blog, I look around, and see my family. And I honestly don’t know how I make it for 9 months out of the year not living with them. But God is enough.


Well, y’all…It’s been a great day.

I spent the whole day with my family. And my church family.

I realized I haven’t been posting much, and I apologize for that. I’ll try to get back in the groove, now that I have my Evan back.

For those of you who wonder, Risk was amazing and you missed out if you didn’t go. The cast was just above and beyond amazing, on and off the stage. I am going to miss being with them oh so much.

And before I wax too sentimental, I’m going to sign off and go to bed. Tomorrow starts early, and mornings are evil anyway.
Goodnight, all.

Date with Dr. Chocolate

Giddy as a school girl. Want to know why?
I had dinner with Dr. Chocolate this evening. And better than just dinner, we sat and talked. For two. Whole. Hours. It was one of the most refreshing nights I’ve ever had. I laughed myself sick. I heard some amazing stories. We discussed movies, tv, books, preachers…

I skipped out of the Snack Shop floating on sunshine.
Seriously, people, if I ever start dating I am going to be the cheapest date in town. Talk to me and buy me take-out, and I am a happy camper. What else does one need in life?
Okay. Water probably helps, too.

Tonight, I steal the beloved Unicorn’s Mac to do my bidding. Although, I really am struggling to concentrate or pinpoint what needs to be done. Oh, well.

On the upside, I’m basically ready for everything: my homework, family coming, play this week…*WARNING* *SHAMELESS PLUG*
Buy your tickets now before it is too late!

I think that’s all I have for today.
Goodnight, everyone.

Briefly Back!

As I write this, I can hear Kweeta and Twigg fighting over eyebrow plucking techniques.
I’m a little scared, so I’m just quietly minding my own business hoping to escape unscathed.

Now they’re talking about plucking eyelashes and how wrong that is.
I agree.

On a slightly more reverent note, Bible Conference was positively amazing this year. To be perfectly honest, after the first day of services, I privately considered jumping off the Bridge of Nations, because I did NOT think I was going to survive. But that was only the first day. After that, the sermons were remarkably challenging, thoughtfully delivered and extremely applicable.

I need to start a sermon page on this blog with links to sermons I like so you can be uplifted, if you so desire. I know I’m a laugh, and sometimes a harbinger of profundity, but let’s be real:
There are many more wise than I.

Today was the last on-campus rehearsal of Risk. And if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, please do so here:

With that, I bid you adieu. I hear about 5 days worth of homework calling my name.
I shudder, but must go.

Freshman Year

Sky black at noon
But without a storm.
I crumble.

I wade through sloughs
Drowning in the tar
Of a schoolday.

Even though it’s spring
Everything wreaks of death.
Why does no one else notice?

My face wears a smile.
My chest a gaping hole.
But the hole is invisible.

Habakkuk understands my cry.
Does God?
No deliverance.

Instead -
Pain. Time. Prayer.
Crying, breaking, why?

Healing came in summer.
Why could I not learn
These truths?

I slept. Ate. Prayed.
Then the doctor.
How prosaic pills are.

Life shifted.
I recognized God.
I saw the sky.

Old, Tired and Cranky

If we didn’t know before, we know now:
I am an old fart.

It is barely after nine and I am so exhausted I curled up on the floor of Perf Hall during rehearsal. Because yes, I am just that awesome.

I managed to mail off Evan today and did some online shopping. I am deeply distraught that the only cute keyboard decals seem to be for Mac. What if the rest of us want cute stickers? Are we too plebian? Too few? Too cheap?

Classes and work and rehearsal went well.

Have I mentioned I’m tired? Okay, good.
Also, note the fact that I currently, somehow,magically have internet.
The world is sometimes a magical place.